Department of Mass Communications

Student Opportunities

women's sports broadcast spring 2020

Classroom learning is only part of our educational experience in the Department of Mass Communications. As a Mass Communications student, you will have access to real world opportunities outside of the classroom, providing you an inside look at the industries you are preparing for and helping build a network of present and future professional contacts.

Learning Communities allow our students to build connections with current students and faculty in the Mass Communications Department, and professionals in the field.

Our Student Organizations allow our students to develop hands-on experience in a variety of local and national organizations while building skills and relationships for your future career.

Through study abroad opportunities, expand your cultural understanding while taking classes that count toward your major. St. Cloud State offers many programs for students during all levels of their education.

Our internship program provides students college credit for hands-on training while building up your resume and professional network.

As a student, you will graduate with a rich portfolio allowing you diverse career opportunities that reach into advertising, broadcast and print journalism, public relations and marketing.

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