University Honors Scholars Program

Looking to Know More? Visit Us!

Students interested in learning more about University Honors Program (UHP) are encouraged to call the UHP office to set up a ½ day or full day VIP Honors Visit. Visits are offered Monday –Friday and are tailored to meet the interests and needs of the individual student. Students do not need to be admitted to the UHP to request a visit.

You may also request a visit by emailing us at

Sample Visit Schedule

University Honors Program Visit
Joel Greyson

11:45 am - Parking and Orientation
Honors Associate Director, Jill Andel, will meet you in the Administrative Services lobby.
We will walk to a meeting with a major advisor

12 pm - Major Advisor Meeting

12:30 pm - Honors Humanities Class Visit
Experience a class! (optional)

1:45 pm - Lunch with Associate Director
Garvey Commons

2:45 pm - Private Campus Tour with a current Honors student

4 pm - Meeting with a sports coach
Halenbeck Hall (optional)

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