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Education Abroad

Honors students have the chance to study anywhere in the world. Each experience abroad is unique, and ultimately, students gain intercultural partnership, and learn about themselves, as well as the world they live in. Studying abroad distinguishes students, marking them as excellent candidates for jobs and graduate schools.

First Year Experience Programs


Southern Cross University is located within the youthful, vibrant city of Lismore in the region known as New South Wales.  Surrounded by rainforests and beaches, this campus offers an unforgettable experience with access to environmental and cultural opportunities that you can't get anywhere else.  On the campus of 6,000 students, you will not only have access to topline academic and research units, outstanding international support, and local hotspots such as Byron Bay, but other unique offerings such as the on-campus koala sanctuary.


St. Cloud State offers freshman students the unique opportunity of studying abroad for one semester in their first year of college.  One option is the Alnwick Program in northern England.  Students live in the Alnwick castle, home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, taking classes alongside other St. Cloud State students and taught by St. Cloud State faculty.  The Alnwick castle is also widely known as the "Harry Potter Castle" because it was featured as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the first two Harry Potter films.


First year students at St. Cloud State have the unique opportunity of studying at the prestigious Taylor's University in Kuala Lumpur.  The Malaysia Taylor's University program offers the chance for students to live and study at an institute with a focus on global education.  It seeks to expose students to the rich multicultural and multiethnic heritage of Malaysian society.  By immersing themselves in a culture different from their own, students are given the opportunity to compare cultures and gain a better understanding of both themselves and the world.

South Africa

St. Cloud State offers freshman students the unique opportunity of studying abroad for one semester learning valuable life skills and gaining experience most people as fourth year students don't even have.  Students will attend Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  International student housing, in which students live alongside people from all around the world, coupled with integrated classes provide a unique cultural experience both on and off campus.  Living accommodations are located within walking distance from the University and just a stone's throw from the beach.

Other Education Abroad Options

Education Abroad opportunities allow students to study in other nation’s throughout the world and at the same time earn credit towards graduation requirements.

To learn more about the various education abroad opportunities available for students, explore the Education Abroad webpage.

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad during College

  1. You can travel to different cities in your host country, and even to some of the neighboring countries.
  2. You get to make friends across the globe.
  3. You expand your worldview.
  4. Studying abroad gives you a competitive edge in getting jobs.
  5. It’s a great way to learn a new language.
  6. You’ll learn about yourself.
  7. You’ll appreciate home more.
  8. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge about a place you’ve never been to.
  9. You learn about your major in applicable, interdisciplinary ways.
  10. You’ll build your confidence and problem-solving skills.

Financial Aid

For more information on how you can fund your education abroad, visit the Student Registration & Financial Services website.

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