University Honors Scholars Program


Teaching Opportunities

St. Cloud State professors have the opportunity to teach Honors classes that address one or more of the ten goal areas in the Liberal Arts Education curriculum. Faculty has the opportunity to provide integrated, cohesive educational experiences and academically challenging courses to committed students.

The discussion-based class model includes:

  • Moral and Ethical Questions. Engage in big, cognitive moral questions.

  • Diversity. Engage with diverse populations and a changing global society.

  • Leadership. The classroom is a place to promote and develop leadership skills among students.

If you are interested in making a difference in the Husky Honors Community, contact the associate director, Jill Andel at

Faculty of the Year Award

The Honors Program recognizes a faculty who has positively impacted students' experience in the program. The winner is chosen by Honors students every year. These are the recognized professors:

2018 - Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin

2017 - Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin

2016 - Dr. Catherine Fox

2015 - Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin

2014 - Scott Wells

2013 - Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin

2012 - Dr. Caesarea Abartis

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