University Honors Program

Honors Living Learning Community in Case Hill Hall

As a participant in the Honors Program, you are eligible to live in the Honors Community located in Case/Hill Hall. This Living-Learning Community is designed to complement and support your academic work while also giving you opportunities to meet people and have fun. Case/Hill Hall was renovated in 2012 and is one of SCSU’s premier residence halls. While participating in this living-learning community is not required, it is a great opportunity to engage with campus in a holistic way.

Residents enjoy taking some of their classes with students they live with, and students get to engage with faculty through mentorship programs. Students become knowledgeable of campus activities and develop successful academic competencies.

Here’s what other Honor’s students have to say:

“Living on the Honor’s floor is awesome because it keeps you in contact with all the other Honors students and puts a good, school oriented influence on your time spent on campus. It’s easy to study when everyone else is too.”

-Hannah Zimmerman, Sophmore

“The students on the floor seem to share the same values. Education is our priority in college, so the floor is helpful when it comes to studying. If I have a question when doing homework, chances are someone on the floor can help me out. Also, the people are so much fun to be around, and the new residents have the intellectual background to discuss topics on the news, or to joke about current issues.”

-Whitney Bina, Junior

For further information about reserving your space in the Honors Penthouse, check out the Honors Community Living Option available through Residential Life.