University Honors Scholars Program

Current Students

We are glad to see that you are part of the program. Your participation makes the program stronger and brings value to current and future students.

There are many ways you can make a difference. You can join the Honors club, nominate a faculty to teach an Honors class next semester, or volunteer in the community. Also, new events are planned frequently. Make sure to check your HuskyNet e-mail and the Honors website for details on upcoming events. If you have an idea for an event or have any questions about the club, you can contact the Honors Club at

Academic Advising

Don’t forget to be on top of your education by signing up for your Fall and Spring semester advising appointment. Also, check out the classes we will be offering by clicking on the “Honors Courses” link on the left sidebar.

The Honors Program faculty, staff, and your peers encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity. We believe in you and know that you will succeed.

Helpful Resources

  • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and Degree Maps
    • Stay on track and come prepared to your advising appointments by looking over your DARS on E-services, goal areas, your major Degree Maps, and Honors courses
  • Center of International Studies - Education Abroad
    • Considering studying abroad? Check out the Education Abroad or CIS regarding study abroad programs, cost, and much more.
  • Career Center
    • If you don’t have an intended major, and need help with career explorations, check out the Career Center. The Career Center also can help you with resume, mock interviews, internship opportunities, and much more. They are located in CH 215.
  • Department of Campus Involvement
    • Stay connected with students, campus, and community. Check out the Department of Campus Involvement, which offers leadership opportunities, Greek life, and student organizations.

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