University Honors Program


The University Honors Program (UHP) provides opportunities for determined scholars to enhance their interdisciplinary liberal arts experience and complete the 40-credit liberal arts requirements for the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Honors students gain academic and leadership skills through participation in small size classes with driven professors. Faculty offering courses in Honors develop innovative classroom experiences of the Liberal Arts and Sciences as pertinent to the students’ degrees and interests. Students also receive support and advising from dedicated professional staff.

The University Honors Program offers bright, motivated students the opportunity to take charge of their education and engage with faculty and other like-minded, achievement oriented students.

UHP students make up approximately 500 of the more than 15,000 students at St. Cloud State.  This means that participants in the University Honors Program enjoy the advantages of being part of a small group of like-minded scholars while enjoying all the benefits that a large school like SCSU can offer. Students complete the Honors curriculum which fulfills the liberal education portion of a student’s degree program.  Honors classes are designed to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment where students develop skills in analysis, synthesis, and interpersonal communication. The UHP curriculum focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of learning and offers students numerous opportunities for service learning and community engagement. Honors classes feature some of the most outstanding faculty on campus.

However, UHP is more than an academic program. It is more of a life philosophy that emphasizes leadership, love of learning, and the search for meaningful connections. Through academic engagement, campus and community involvement, and close relationships with faculty and staff, the University Honors Program cultivates well-rounded individuals who become leaders on this campus and beyond.  The most significant benefit of being in the UHP is being among other students who enjoy intellectual and co-curricular engagement.

Please look through our website and see all of the opportunities that the University Honors Program can provide.  Or just stop in to the office (216 Centennial Hall) and say hi.  We’d be happy to talk with you about all of the benefits of an Honors education!