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Huskies Scholarships

The University Honors Program awards the Deeann Griebel Honors Student Scholarship.

Applicants must be University Honors Program participants and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applicants must have financial need and/or be active in honors community outreach programs or Honors Community Building. As fund size permits, the award may equal up to one-half the cost of tuition and fees. The scholarship is renewable for up to five years.

Contact the Honors office if you have questions.

Deeann Griebel Scholarship Recipients


  • Maxim Kroll
  • Jessica VanderWerf


  • Spencer Rojas


  • Halle Hughes
  • Chassidy Walworth


  • Fatuma Odowa
  • Paul Scoles


  • Sruthi Shankar


  • Bridget Donahue


  • Natalie McIntire

“This scholarship has allowed me to focus deeply on my education and extracurricular activities without the lasting stressor of finances. I am grateful for Deeann Griebel and her generosity towards students like me striving to make the community better through volunteering and giving back.”

  • Micah Most
  • Kiersten Haaversen Rohde

"I am beyond thankful for Deeann’s generosity and her support of Honors Program students like me. This scholarship enabled me to focus on my academic and athletic endeavors at St. Cloud State University while consistently volunteering in the community." 


  • Lori Kowalke


  • Alfredo Azevedo de Oliveira
    “The Deeann Griebel Scholarship is amazing! It opened doors for many exra curricular activities opportunities, such as attending conferences and events where I was able to network with Honors students from across the country."


  • Lindsey Rogers
    “I love volunteering and this scholarship has allowed me to spend more time helping the community around me.”


  • Melissa Elsen
    “The scholarship has been very helpful to my educational goals at St. Cloud State. This is a unique opportunity and I am grateful to Dee for her dedication to the Honors Program and students.”

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