University Honors Scholars Program

Welcome to the University Honors Scholars Program


The Honors Scholars Program is a unique student experience within St. Cloud State University that will nurture your intellectual exploration and personal development and provide a learning environment that recognizes and values your experiences and what matters to you.  

Honors Scholars will be part of a community of students and faculty who are curious and have an interest in exploring new ideas, are willing to take risks and encounter the unexpected, and are aspiring to fulfill their passion and purpose and make a difference in the world.

The Honors Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to explore questions or issues that are important to them in an interdisciplinary environment in which they are nurtured and challenged to achieve more than they thought possible.  The Honors Scholars curriculum is designed to integrate with all majors at St. Cloud Sate University.

University Honors Scholars Program Learning Outcomes

  • Integrative and Applied Learning
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking skills and Intellectual Curiosity
  • Self-awareness and Personal Identity
  • Cultural and Global Competence
  • Engaged Citizenship

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