University Honors Scholars Program

Welcome to the University Honors Scholars Program


St. Cloud State University’s Honors Scholars Program is a highly selective interdisciplinary program that provides the liberal arts (general education) portion of a student’s bachelor’s degree. Through participation in the University Honors Scholars Program, students find a learning community that is intellectually rigorous, personally and culturally enriching, one that will foster learning and discovery through independent and collaborative inquiry. The University Honors Scholars Program offers small classes (average 13 students) that challenge students to connect the classroom with the larger world by broadening their social and cultural experiences and making connections in and out of the classroom to the University Honors Scholars Program learning commitments.

University Honors Scholars Program Learning Outcomes

  • Integrative and Applied Learning
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking skills and Intellectual Curiosity
  • Self-awareness and Personal Identity
  • Cultural and Global Competence
  • Engaged Citizenship

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