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Generation Study AbroadSt. Cloud State has numerous programs for students wishing to earn credit while studying abroad. Education abroad experiences are becoming more important and more popular each year; approximately 300,000 U.S. students study overseas each year, about one-fifth go specifically to study business.

Education abroad experiences offer students life changing personal growth experience coupled with valuable career skill development. International experience and global understanding is a critical component of the 21st century education and workforce, and studying abroad is highly valued by employers.

The Herberger Business School (HBS) is proud to partner with the university in offering students education abroad programs with a special focus on business.

Program Overview

As a business student, it's important to become immersed in the global marketplace we are living in today and become more sensitized to global issues and other cultural forces. It is a valuable career building experience that increases self confidence, enhances professional skills, and makes students more attractive to future employers.

Education Abroad

Consider this:

You gain cultural experience, become more tolerant and adaptable, meet new people, and have some fun while learning.

  • Approximately 300,000 U.S. students study abroad each year.
  • One in five go to study business.
  • U.S. companies derive significant revenue from sales abroad:
    54% for General Electric
    66% for McDonald's
    51% for Ford

Featured Long Term Programs

Spain - Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (Seville)

St. Cloud State's business program to Seville, Spain is a faculty led program hosted at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. Courses are held in beautiful historical buildings that have been repurposed as university classrooms. While taking part in this program, students will take a mixture of business and Spanish courses (previous Spanish language background not required) while immersing themselves in Spanish culture. 

This unique program offers students the opportunity to take courses from St. Cloud Stat faculty and local faculty, as well as participate in numerous cultural excursions and business field trips.

This is a fall only program. Note: This program is not offered on a regular basis. 

Australia - Southern Cross University (Lismore)

Southern Cross University is located within the youthful, vibrant city of Lismore in the region known as New South Wales. Surrounded by rainforests and beaches, this campus offers an unforgettable experience with access to environmental and cultural opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. 

On the campus of 6,000 students, you will not only have access to topline academic and research units, outstanding international support, and local hotspots such as Byron Bay, but other unique offerings such as the on-campus koala sanctuary.

In this program, you can register for any course on campus provided you meet the pre-requisite, so students can take business classes, liberal education courses, and more.

This is a fall or spring program.

Learn more about the Australia program

Germany - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Students studying in Ingolstadt will be able to expand on their business-related knowledge while experiencing a traditional German city with modern flair. Ingolstadt is one of the top cities for business, with a focus on the automotive and aerospace industries and is home to Audi headquarters. 

Ingolstadt lies in the heart of Bavaria about an hour north of Munich. While staying in Ingolstadt, students will be studying at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, a business and engineering university. 

This program is targeted at students who are taking upper division business courses.

This is a fall or spring program.

Learn more about the Germany program


Netherlands - HAN Arnhem Business School (Arnhem/Nijmegen)

This business oriented program offers students the opportunity to live and study in one of eastern Netherland’s very own “Twin Cities” Arnhem and Nijmegen. While studying abroad, students will become part of Dutch society home to over 190 nationalities with its historical ties all over the world.  

Courses will be taken at HAN University of Applied Sciences’ Arnhem Business School campus using their interactive and student-centered teaching methods. Enjoy the wanderlust of seeing wide rivers, bridges, dikes and polders, set against a background of woody hills and small towns all while earning credits towards your business degree. Amsterdam is only an hour away by train.

This is a spring only or academic year program.

Learn more about the Netherlands - HAN program

Netherlands - VU University Amsterdam

Study business in the lively capital city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vrije University is a large, public university with enrollment of about 23,000 students. Amsterdam has a thriving cultural atmosphere including many festivals, museums, events and great food. It has has a bustling business atmosphere that is home to many large international firms, such as ING and Phillips. It is also home to the world’s oldest stock exchange, which is located in the city center. Vrije University of Amsterdam offers a variety of upper level business courses as well as courses from other disciplines.

This is a fall or spring program.

Learn more about the Netherlands - VU program

England - Alnwick

This program offers students a summer or semester education abroad experience at Alnwick Castle in the far north of England, about forty kilometers from the Scottish border. Students live, eat, and attend classes in the Castle and also participate in numerous cultural and business tours in England and Scotland. 

The Alnwick program is primarily but not exclusively designed for students in the first two years of their academic program.  When HBS faculty are involved in the program, classes include those needed for liberal education as well as for business requirements.

The Alnwick Castle is also widely known as the “Harry Potter Castle” because it was featured as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the first two Harry Potter films. It dates to the Middle Ages, and is home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, from whom St. Cloud State rents space for its program.

This is a fall, spring, or summer program, but course offerings vary by semester.  Typically business courses will be offered during summer programs. The next time HBS will be offering courses is Summer 2019.

Learn more about the England program

Japan - Rikkyo University (Tokyo)

Rikkyo University is situated on a beautiful campus with a mixture of ivy-covered red brick buildings and modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Rikkyo University consists of 10 colleges made up of 27 departments, so there are many course options to choose from including business and liberal education classes. Rikkyo offers free Japanese language courses. No prior Japanese language experience is needed, but it is recommended students study Japanese for at least one semester prior to this program.

Tokyo is the metropolitan and cultural center of Japan, and the local areas around Tokyo central are some of the most famous destination spots in all of Japan. Places such as Akibahara are world renowned as the electronic capital of the world and Harajuku as the fashion capital of Japan. In addition, Tokyo station is the gateway to places such as Kyoto, the historical capital of Japan.

This is a spring only or academic year program.

Learn more about the Japan - Rikkyo program

South Korea - Solbridge International School of Business (Daejeon)

Solbridge International School of Business is located in Daejeon, South Korea, located roughly one hour from Seoul. Students will take business courses under an international business teaching model with students from around the world. This program is accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). 

Daejeon is 50 minutes south of Seoul by hi-speed train. South Korea’s fifth-largest metro area, Daejeon offers plenty of activities and attractions. Recreational opportunities are everywhere and include hiking, swimming, marathons and boating. You can also explore the Expo Science Park, the National Science Museum or the Daejeon Museum of Art.

This is a fall or spring program.

Learn more about the South Korea - Solbridge program

South Africa - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth)

Students who participate in this program are fully immersed in South African culture while gaining a meaningful educational experience. Students can take business or liberal education courses.  Additionally, all students take an integrated community service course which provides a unique and transformative cultural experience.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa has beautiful beaches, parks, and a wonderful city life. The student apartments are situated just across from King’s Beach, a wonderful place to walk, swim, surf, or simply sunbathe.

The north and south campuses of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University are within the grounds of a nature reserve. Students may see zebra, springbok and various kinds of monkeys. 

This is a fall or spring program.

Learn more about the South Africa program

To see a complete list of all semester-long programs, please visit the Education Abroad website.

Short-term Programs

Short term education abroad tours are targeted to business majors who cannot spend a full semester abroad.  The HBS offers a one week spring break program and a two week summer program in May after the spring semester ends to one or more countries. The program typically involves classroom work prior to departing and during the time abroad, accompanied by a wide array of cultural and business tours. These intensive programs provide three to six advanced business credits and are normally for students who already have HBS Upper Division Status in a business major.

Countries recently visited on short term tours include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Fiji/New Zealand, England, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Thailand.

Studying Abroad Is More Affordable Than You Think

We understand that studying abroad is a major economic proposition, yet St. Cloud State has made every effort to maintain the programs at a level that is comparable to what it costs to attend in St. Cloud.


Scholarships can help pay for study abroad. The Herberger Business School has $2,000 awards for semester-long programs and $1,000 awards for short-term programs.

Cost of the Program

Each program is priced differently based on the cost of flights and the cost of traveling in the country. Places such as Europe, Japan and Australia are more expensive than developing countries.

A comprehensive program fee covers tuition, room, partial board, instruction, round-trip air fare, administration, excursions, and cultural activities. Expenses such as laundry, books, local or regional travel, visa, passport fees, and other personal expenses are not included in the program fee.

All financial aid programs, including work-study, are available to qualifying education abroad participants, and often the award is higher than it would be if you stayed at St. Cloud State.


Transportation and travel arrangements are flexible. Most groups depart from Minneapolis and land at the most convenient port-of-entry. Attempts are made to purchase round-trip tickets with open return dates or fixed return dates that may be changed for a modest fee. The program calendar allows for ample opportunity for travel in the host and neighboring countries.

Independent Travel

Weekends are open for traveling and the semester long programs have week long breaks. Students typically use train passes such as the Euro Rail or the Brit Rail Pass. Some also backpack and stay in youth hostels. Shared hotel rooms for several students are also an economical way to travel.

How much money you need depends on how much you travel or take in evening entertainment. On the low end students have gotten by with $2,500 for one semester, but others have spent significantly more on travel, gifts, souvenirs and the like.

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