Herberger Business School

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission (What We Do)

The Herberger Business School develops and delivers a quality undergraduate and graduate business education through the collaboration of an involved community of students, faculty, staff, business professionals, and other stakeholders. We focus on student learning of content and competencies, maintain a commitment to scholarly activity, and contribute to the educational and economic vitality of those we serve.

The Herberger Business School serves the Upper Midwest and a globally-diverse student body within a comprehensive Minnesota university.

Values (What We Believe In)

  • Students come first in everything we do
  • Students learn both content and competencies
  • Scholarly activity supports the classroom and community
  • A professional and collaborative environment exists for all members of the HBS community
  • Technology enhances teaching, learning and administrative processes
  • A contribution is made to the educational and economic vitality of our community
  • Innovation enhances learning
  • A global perspective shapes our thinking  

Vision (What We Aspire to Be)

To be recognized as a leader in the region for a portfolio of distinctive programs that serve as best practices for the advancement of learning.