Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student Research

student research

Our students have opportunities for hands-on research experience through groups that work on designing, implementing, measuring, synthesizing and programming software/hardware design projects.

Undergraduate research can begin before your last year. Select a research area by:

  • Watching this website for advertised opportunities or select professors involved in research areas that interest you.
  • Then contact or meet with the faculty member to discuss research opportunities.
  • Discuss how much availability and time you have for the research.

Many students discover their passion for graduate and professional schools while involved in undergraduate research. They gain a better understanding of published works, learn to collaborate and determine an area of interest.

Research is more interdisciplinary than independent work. It is difficult to teach interdisciplinary work in the classroom, but it's easy to learn collaboration through research team experiences.

Exposure to research early in an academic career will help students decide whether to pursue a research career. And, you'll gain experience while you decide.

Research and development jobs can produce new innovations and improve technologies to solve scientific challenges. An organization's stability in the marketplace is often dependent on engineering research and development projects.

While research is important to for sustainable development, industry is key. Industries often collaborate with universities to conduct industry-funded research. 

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