Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering




Most of our courses have a laboratory component that takes students into one of our nine laboratories equipped to allow work in digital signal and image processing, computer simulation and CAD, electromagnetics, communication systems, control systems, circuits and analog electronics, digital electronics and embedded computer systems, integrated circuit design, power systems and electric machinery and senior design projects.

Electrical Engineering

We're the people who design and develop circuits, motion and robot controls, oscilloscopes, ultrasound and MRI equipment, CT scanners, TVs, stereos, telephones and multimedia systems, MP3s, DVDs, image and voice recognition equipment and power generators.

Our electrical engineering program emphasizes computer hardware and software development, circuits, analog and digital electronics, microprocessor systems, digital and wireless communications, Internet of things (IoT), solid state devices, electromagnetics, integrated circuit design, control systems and instrumentation.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design faster and more efficient computing systems, useful and effective computer interfaces and computer-based instruments.

Our program emphasizes computer digital circuits and systems, embedded microprocessor systems, computer architecture, computer networking, Internet of things (IoT), data structure, operating systems, software engineering, computer aided design, and computer hardware and software design and development.


We offer a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. Students in this degree program have the option of pursing a thesis, starred paper, or an internship option.

Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering

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