Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Student Achievements

Recent News:

  • Congratulations! Enanga Fale, an ECE alumni, was recently chosen as one of two final candidates for SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Board of Directors this year, out of a large number of nominees. Enanga also serves as a member of the SCSU ECE Industry Advisory Council (IAC).
  • Student Grant Winners: Congratulations! The ECE students won the 2020-21 St. Cloud State Student Grant for their project “Pneumatic Wireless Ventilator” on Nov. 5. Student group: Mohamad Alsadhan, Anjala Rai, and Binit sthapit; Faculty mentor: Dr. Shensheng Tang.

Selected Senior Design Projects:

  • Title: SmartMesh IP Based Thermocouple Mesh Network, by Alex Stangl, Tyler Volkers

           PCB Assembly       PCB      Final project             

  • Title: Pulse Profile System for Use with Bioimpedance Analyzer, by Carter Paulzine, Rhyan Manthey

           Prototype       Final project      Software result                       

  • Title: Health Check Lite 2.0, by Tyler Lahr, Carter Luedtke

           PCB       Final project      Software result                 

  • Title: Airborne Icing Conditions Sensor, by Daniel Comstock, Stewart Rinker, Stephen Opificius

           Components       Testing process      main box


Selected Student Presentations:

  • Coming soon     

Faculty Achievements

  • Congratulations! The book, edited by Dr. Yi Zheng, “Wave Propagation Theories and Applications” has reached 45,000 download, mainly from USA.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Shensheng Tang for receiving an SCSU's Early Career Grant Award in May 2020 through his proposal titled "Modeling and Performance Evaluation of an Internet of Things (IoT) System for Healthcare".