Center for Continuing Studies



Does your company need customized, low-cost training?

St. Cloud State University has partnered with multiple businesses to develop and deliver grant-supported, customized training that meets the needs of the business.

We have obtained more than $1 million in training funds for area employers including Netgain, MPG, Bernick's and Automotive Parts Headquarters by working with the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership.

We draw from multiple internal and external resources to address knowledge and skills gaps across a wide variety of industries. Then we work with businesses to evaluate the possibility of grant-funded training solutions.  

Our efforts helped more than 1,200 employees expand their skills.

We can write the grant application for you. Minnesota Job Skills Partnership grants, for example, are written by the university on behalf of the business. 

When you apply for job-training grants on your own, we can help you identify the right training fit for your company.

Contact Angie Olson or Tammy Anhalt-Warner