Center for Continuing Studies

  • Building cultural understanding

  • Conference planning and development

  • Professional growth

  • Keeping communities safe


Center for Continuing Studies

The Center for Continuing Studies develops partnerships to build a stronger university and community.

The Center is innovative, flexible, and creative. We are experts in building partnerships, developing programs, event management, grants, and making connections.  We are only successful if our partners are successful. 

  • Welcome Center

    The Welcome Center is open to the public and campus for meeting space. It is also home to the Certiport Testing Center and the Small Business Development Center.

  • Professional development and customized training

    We offer specialty and customized training that helps individuals, employers and employees build their skills and extend their value in the workplace.
  • Conference and Event planning

    Let us help you put the details into the seminar, conference or workshop you want to develop.