Center for Continuing Studies

Speed Reading Program

The Center for Continuing Studies and the Academic Learning Center at St. Cloud State are partnering to implement a Speed Reading programs for students. This program is designed and taught at St Cloud State University.

In just a few weeks, you will learn how to be a faster and more effective student.  You will save time, enjoy reading more, and get more out of everything you read. 

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Your reading material is piling up and you need to develop the skills to get through it quickly and effectively. You know that understanding and retaining what you read is critical for your academic and
professional success.
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Increasing reading speed and improving reading skills will unlock your full potential as a reader.
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You can take control of your reading by boosting your reading speed and learning how to take an active approach to everything you read for school or work. Stronger reading skills will help you save time and accomplish more.

What you'll learn


In this program you will learn effective speed-reading techniques that may double your reading speed. You’ll also learn how to apply them flexibly, adjusting your speed to meet your needs based on the material and your purpose for reading it. You’ll see improvements in speed and concentration right away using these easy techniques and, as a result, you’ll manage your reading load more effectively. 


You’ll learn an active approach to reading that puts you in control and results in better comprehension and recall. You will learn previewing, note-taking, and analytical reading techniques to help you mentally organize information and remember more of what you read. 


When you read faster, with better comprehension and recall, you’ll find reading more enjoyable, productive, and rewarding. The techniques taught in this class will inspire and enable you to read effectively.

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