Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry Club magic show

Student Opportunities

We help students succeed in and out of the classroom through enhanced learning situations.


Our Tutoring Center offers a variety of learning assistance and chemistry- and biochemistry-specific tutors.

Active student organizations provide opportunities for community engagement as well as personal and professional development.

Student Research Colloquium

Many of our students participate in the annual St. Cloud State University Student Research Colloquium. This provides our students an opportunity to gain experience with the presentation of their research results to a larger community as well as allows them to experience the breadth of research activity at St. Cloud State.

Community engagement

We look for opportunities for our students to connect what they're learning to the community and inspire future scientists.

Our "Husky Volunteers for Science" take what they're learning into the community to inspire future scientists.

In two years, we've "adopted" all of Oak Hill Elementary School's fourth-grade classrooms. Every semester, each classroom is visited three times by an eight-member Husky Volunteers for Science team that performs hands-on experiments with the students. The undergraduate students design activities  such as identifying a mystery powder, using chromatography to identify who wrote a ransom note and learning about exothermic and endothermic reactions.

About 32 undergraduate student volunteers and 120 fourth-graders participate in the program each semester.

For more information, contact Dr. Tamara Leenay or Dr. Mark Mechelke.