Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Course Retake Policies

3rd Attempt to Register Policy for All Courses

The department policy for students wanting to take any chemistry class for the third or more times requires:

  • The student must complete the Waiver form for Course Repetition.

  • The student will send the completed waiver form to Chemistry Office Manager.

  • The chemistry office manager will enter the override code after receiving the course instructor's approval. At that time, the student will be notified that he/she/they may register, assuming there are seats available.

More questions? Contact 320-308-3031 or

Lab Grade Transfer Policy

  • Students repeating any 100- or 200-level St. Cloud State chemistry course can ask to transfer a lab grade of 90 percent or better from the immediately preceding semester.

  • The student must contact the previous instructor and request that the grade and an assessment of the student’s performance be sent to the new instructor.

  • It is the discretion of the instructor whether a transferred lab grade will count in the new grade for the course.

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