Department of Campus Involvement

Service-Learning Student Responsibilities

Before Your First Visit

  • Select a site that will work well with your interests and schedule
    • If you have any questions, call Christopher Bineham, Service-Learning Coordinator at (320) 308-3898, your professor, or the contact person at the site.
  • Call the contact person
    • Give your name, say that you are a SCSU student, give the name of the class for which you are doing this service component.
    • Ask what times during the day/evening/weekend are available for you to work.
    • Let the contact person know the number of hours that you can work at the site.
    • Let the contact person know what you will need in terms of information for your class. 
  • Your first visit
    • Confirm the service site address and ask for directions if you need them.  Keep in mind that all local busses are free for SCSU students.
    • If you are unable to work, call the site supervisor/teacher and give as much lead-time as possible (a minimum of 24 hours is necessary).  The school/worksite depends on you to show up and do the work agreed upon.   

At the Site

  • Arrive on time and be prepared to work.
  • When in doubt about what you are to do, how to do it, or why to do it, ask the site supervisor/teacher directly for clarification.  A convenient way to organize your responsibilities (student’s, supervisor’s, site’s) is to complete a Service-Learning Contract.
  • Fill out the Service-Learning Time Sheet each time you go to your community site/school and have your site supervisor/teacher initial the sheet each time before you leave the site.
  • Make sure you know the time and date of your next visit before you leave. 

After You Leave for the Day

  • Make entries in your journal/or other reflection tool as soon as possible after completing your service on a given day.  The sooner you make your entries after completing your service, the more vivid and accurate your memories will be.

General Advise

  • If any concerns emerge about the quality of your work experience and/or the supervision you receive, contact Christopher Bineham or call your instructor and discuss the matter with either or both of them.
  • While you are at the school or community organization, you are a representative of SCSU.  Remember this and act accordingly.
  • Do not give your home phone number or address to students at a school or clients at a community organization.
  • Keep confidential information confidential.  This rule holds true while you are at a service site and afterwards when discussing site activities in class or with friends.

At the End of the Course

  • Arrange to give copies of any papers or reports that you produce about the service experience to your site supervisor/teacher.  They are very interested to know what you discovered or concluded as a result of your service.
  • Thank your site supervisor either in person or in writing.