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Involvement Transcript

What is the Involvement Transcript?

The Involvement Transcript is an easy means of keeping a record of all your activities at St. Cloud State which will help give you a competitive edge when applying for an internship or career.

Why create an Involvement Transcript?

The Involvement Transcript is a great to highlight all your accomplishments while attending St. Cloud State University. You can use the Involvement Transcript in many ways including the following:

  • Applying to jobs or graduate school
  • Assist in updating your resume
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Prepare you for interviews
  • Completely customizable and branded to St. Cloud State
  • Add to your LinkedIn Profile
  • A complimentary document to your resume, cover letter and academic transcript

Where do I start?

Step 1: Login to HuskiesConnect using your StarID and Password.

Step 2: Go to your profile in the top right corner. Click “Event History”, "Membership History", "Experiences", or "Service Hours" in the drop down menu.

Note: All past experiences that have been added to an organization’s roster will automatically be added to your Involvement Transcript.

Step 3: Add previous experiences by opening your profile menu and clicking “Experiences" and then the blue "Add Experience" button. (experiences can include, but are not limited to, academic research, on-campus employment, education abroad, etc.)

Step 4: To customize, save, or print your Involvement Transcript go to your profile in the top right corner and click the “Involvement Transcript”.

Keep a record of your involvement experiences at St. Cloud State!

  • Here are a few types of activities:
  • Participation in student organizations
  • Athletics and Intramural Sports
  • Community Services Activities
  • Internships
  • Research Projects
  • Educational and Professional Development workshops/conferences
  • Committees and Teams
  • Leadership Positions
  • Study Abroad Experience
  • On campus employment
  • And the list goes on…

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