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The 50th anniversary Lemonade Concert and Art Fair is scheduled for June 22, 2023, 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m. on the campus of St. Cloud State University.


Art Vendor Applications

Vendor applications are NOW OPEN!

  • To apply online visit our event ZAPP page.
  • To apply via paper/mail click HERE for the PDF application.

About the online application process

Artists need a free profile on ZAPP, which hosts registration for more than 15 Minnesota art fairs. Your profile can be used for other events.

Artists wishing to pay by credit card or PayPal must apply through ZAPP. 


Applications are due by May 5, 2023. Applications submitted after May 5 are subject to late fees and space availability. Applications will not be considered after June 7.


The fee is $60 per booth space plus a $10 processing fee per application. Make checks payable to St. Cloud State University. Booth fees will be charged if you are accepted into the fair. The processing fee is non-refundable. If paying by check, submit two separate checks for the booth fee and application fee. 

If not accepted, your registration fee will be refunded, less processing. Once accepted, the booth fee is non-refundable.


Applicants must send or upload photos. Photos must reflect of what vendors intend to sell at the event. Misrepresentation may be grounds for immediate removal from the fair.

Accepted vendors will receive a confirmation email detailing booth space assignment and day-of-show information.

  • Artists are to furnish their own props
  • Space allotment is 10-by-10 feet
  • No staking is allowed
  • Weights for tents are required
  • Vendors are responsible for load-in and load-out

Our brand: Handcrafted

Our fair is a showcase for handcrafted works. No imports, commercial jewelry, kits, pre-molded ceramics or manufactured items are allowed.

Items will be reviewed on site. Vendors selling items that do not meet our standard may be asked to leave immediately, without a refund of the registration fee. An artist may be asked to submit a statement on their process to be considered for acceptance.


Artisan Home & Body: This limited category includes items such as candles, soaps, lotions, salves, and fragrances. Items are to be considered based on artistic message/value. No commercial products are allowed

Ceramics/Glass: Original work other than jewelry. No molds or other forms of mass production allowed

Digital Art: This category includes any original work for which the original image, or the manipulation of other source material, was executed by the artist using a computer. Work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials. Traditional photographs taken through a digital media should apply in the photography category

Fiber: All work crafted from fibers including two-dimensional, basketry, embroidery, weaving, leatherwork, tapestry and papermaking. No machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production are permitted. Wearable items of any kind should be listed under the wearable art/apparel category

Functional Art: 3-D creations which serve a purpose such as implements, furniture, doll houses, wind chimes, kaleidoscopes, etc.

Hand-made artisan food: pre-packaged artisan food items prepared offsite in a licensed facility and not packaged or intended for on-site consumption to include jams or jellies, honey, or similar products. These booths/products will be sold only in a designated area of the event in conjunction with the concurrent farmer’s market. Vendors should be aware of relevant food safety laws (including Cottage Food Law if applicable) and may be required by SCSU to provide proof up to $2 million in liability insurance. A copy of your current licensure information is required for artisan food applications.

Henna/Facepainting/Temporary on-site: Vendors who produce art on-site which is drawn, painted, or otherwise applied to a person, to include henna, facepainting, and similar work. Exhibitors in this category MUST provide a copy of their liability insurance upon request by event organizers. 

Jewelry: All jewelry whether the work is produced from metal, glass, clay, fiber, paper, plastic or other materials must be entered in this category. No commercial casts, molds or production studio work is allowed. No strung pearls or beads

Metalwork: Includes all non-sculptural, non-jewelry works crafted from metals. No production studio work is allowed

Painting/Drawing: Works created in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, inks, etc. are in this category. Reproductions are prohibited except prints of the artist's original work, signed and numbered on archival quality materials.

Photography: Photographic prints made from the artist's original image, which have been processed by or under the direct supervision of the artist. Photographers are required to disclose both their creative and printing processes. At least 50 percent of an artist's work in this category must be in limited editions, signed and numbered on archival quality materials.

Sculpture: Three-dimensional original work done in any medium

Wearable Art/Apparel: Worn clothing and accessories are accepted in this category, including hand-woven or hand-sewn clothing, hand-screened or hand-painted by the artist ready-made clothing. No machine tooling or machine-screened patterns are permitted

Woodworking: Original works in wood that are hand-tooled, machine-worked, turned or carved


For art vendor questions or questions about the online application process, email


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