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All Tribe Student Council

All Tribes Council is a student organization to learn and teach about tribal people, history and cultures. This is also a network for St. Cloud State University American Indian students to support each other and connect with allies. There are weekly meetings and all are welcome to learn about Indigenous People and cultures. Students often study together, coordinate activities and programs and enjoy collaborating with other groups.

“The American Indian Center and All Tribes Council are my biggest supporters since coming back to college and I am proud to be a part of the AIC/ATC family.”–Waamaani, Ho-Chunk

“The AIC is a place where I can feel at home away from home with people I relate to. It is a place where I can truly learn about myself, other AIC members, and have a support system like no other." -Austria Lewis, Red Lake

“All Tribes Council has been a way for me to meet other Indigenous students on campus. The organization helped me to feel less alone and to be with others that I can relate to in cultural aspects. They understand what it is like to be Indigenous in very non-Indigenous spaces, and having discussions surrounding this made me feel more at ease. Thank you to all my friends I have made.” - Chandra, Boise Forte

“All Tribes Council was a place where I learned that community and friends can be found in all reaches of the world.” – Adam, Lac Courte Oreilles

"Being a part of ATC has helped me open up to new people and make connections that I never thought I could've made. Not only that, but it's a welcoming community away from home. I've learned that anywhere that you go there are people that you can connect with no matter what your background is." -Brianna Reynolds, Fond Du Lac



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