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Minnesota Tribal Resources

There are 11 Native Nations within two tribal groups, Dakota and Ojibwe, and seven Ojibwe and four Dakota communities in Minnesota. Learn more here: Website

Additional Resources

Treaties Matter

Treaties matter provides an interactive way to learn about Ojibwe and Dakota history and treaties. In this virtual exhibit, see how Dakota and Ojibwe treaties with the U.S. government affected the lands and lifeways of the Indigenous peoples of the place now called Minnesota and learn why these binding agreements between nations still matter today. Website

Dakota Wicohan

Dakota Wicohan works to revitalize the Minnesota Dakota language, known as the eastern or D-dialect. This is one of three dialects which use the D, L, and N interchangeably. The D dialect is spoken by the Dakota bands indigenous to the Minnesota region—the Mdewakantaon, Sisitonwan, Wahpetonwan, and Wahpekute. The long-term vision is to build Minnesota’s first Dakota learning institute that will prepare and empower increasing numbers of people, generation by generation, to lead our communities with wo’Dakota. Website

Minnesota Tribal Nations Education Committee

This is a short statement that shows where the Minnesota Tribal Nations Education Committee stands on providing education to Native students in Minnesota. More information

Native Report

Native Report is an indigenous broadcasting program that resides in Duluth/Cloquet. They provide a wide variety of media that allows you to stay informed on indigenous news and culture. Website

Resources for Indigenous people in Minnesota

Minneapolis American Indian Center

A community center in the heart of the American Indian community of Minneapolis. It is one of the oldest Indian centers in the country, founded in 1975. Website

Minnesota Indian Affairs Council

"The mission of the Indian Affairs Council (MIAC) is to protect the sovereignty of the 11 Minnesota Tribes and to ensure the well-being of American Indian citizens throughout the state of Minnesota." Website

Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is a non-profit social and mental health services organization committed to traditional ways of being and support of Native women and their families. Website

Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS)

MNHS is your partner in history education. Learn about products, experiences and resources developed to broaden your knowledge and engage students around Native American history and culture. Website

First Nations Home Health

First Nations Home Health is a Native American home health care initiative serving culturally diverse population throughout Minnesota. Independence and self-sufficiency are promoted by empowering clients and their families to be active participants in the delivery of care. The services address the unique cultural and language needs of clients to ensure optimal access and efficiency; with sensitivity to economic factors and health beliefs. Website

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