Faculty Overrides

  • Some departments have limitations on who may enter overrides, so faculty members must verify within his/her own department his/her ability to enter the overrides.
  • Faculty may enter the overrides only for courses for which they are the assigned instructor.
  • Faculty may enter six types of overrides:
    • 000003 = not a valid course add date (late add approval)
    • 000012 = course requires special permission
    • 000013 = full course
    • 000017 = co-requisite courses must be taken concurrently
    • 000042 = course is part of a group that is full
    • 000058 = test score or prerequisite course is required

Directions for Entering Overrides

Overrides are entered through the Online Registration System.

  1. Access the eServices System
  2. After entering the system, click on the "Class Management" link. Verify the appropriate semester and f the appropriate semester is not displayed, click on the link under "Change Semester". Select the appropriate semester from the drop down list. Be sure to click on the "Select" button to process. You will see a message verifying the selected semester was successfully changed.
  3. Click on the "Faculty Overrides" link listed on the left of your screen.
  4. You will be asked to select an edit code. While all the edit codes are listed in the drop down list, you will have rights to use only edits 000003, 000012, 000013, 000017, 000042 and 000058 (see complete description of codes above). Highlight the one you are going to use and click "Continue".
  5. You will be asked to enter the "Student’s (Tech) ID" and the "Course ID". You have the opportunity to set date parameters when the override may be used if you wish. If you do not enter particular dates, the override will be in effect for the entire term.
  6. After entering the information, click "Process". A message will display indicating either that the override was completed successfully or that there was a problem.
  7. If you are having difficulty with the process, please call 308-4063 or 308-2168 for assistance.