St. Cloud State University Strategic Plan

Outcomes and Performance Evidence and Measures

Driving our Strategic Action Plan are three outcomes that we must achieve if we are to successfully deliver on our mission, vision and Our Husky Compact. These outcomes represent our long-term planning horizon and provide key measures by which we will hold ourselves accountable for success. They represent the commitment we are making to our students, stakeholders and the State of Minnesota.

All efforts within St. Cloud State University should align with our outcomes, and we must be able to demonstrate how implementation and resource expenditures further our achievement of them.

Advancing Student Success

Continually improve student learning, retention, completion and post-graduation success, and promote their holistic development.

Performance Measures

  • Completion Rates (by cohort, socio-economic status, and program)
  • Retention Rates (by cohort, socio-economic status, and program)
  • Our Husky Compact Assessment (all Dimensions)
  • Employment after Graduation (overall and by program)
  • Student Engagement and Satisfaction (by cohort, socio-economic status, and program)
  • % of Undergraduates Engaged in High Impact Practices (by cohort, socio-economic status, and program)
  • Alumni Satisfaction (by cohort, socio-economic status, and program)

Building a Sustainable University

Operate a healthy, financially stable and environmentally responsible university.

Performance Measures

  • Composite Financial Index
  • University Revenue Distribution by Type
  • Enrollment Goals (NEF, Transfer, Graduate, non-credit)
  • President’s Climite Commitment Goals
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Campus Culture and Engagement Assessment

Deepening Reciprocal Partnerships

Build deep and sustained partnerships in order to create learning experiences and a programmatic portfolio that is relevant and responsive to the needs of our students and communities.

Performance Measures

  • Our Husky Compact Assessment (Engage and Act Dimensions)
  • Experiential Learning Quality Assessment (bi-directional)
  • SCSU Economic Impact
  • Cultural and Social Impact (as measured by St. Cloud Community Pillars)
  • Industry and Community Partner Satisfaction Index
  • Transfer Institution Partner Satisfaction Index
  • International Institutional Partner Satisfaction Index