St. Cloud State University Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

Engaged students

St. Cloud State University’s Strategic Action Plan is designed to articulate what it means to be a 21st Century Engaged University and outline the strategic framework by which we will implement our plan. For St. Cloud State, engagement rests on the following three strategic goals:

Engaged Students

Engaged Campus

Engaged Communities

These efforts create a unique opportunity for St. Cloud State to define itself as a 21st Century Engaged University – a claim few institutions in our region can make.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the complex challenges facing our state, country and world cannot be addressed by the traditional state university model. To successfully educate and graduate tomorrow’s diverse and non-traditional student populations, we are creating an innovative educational environment that is responsive to their needs and expectations.

With Our Husky Compact, we will help students discover and achieve their goals, preparing them for the professional, social, and cultural environments they will contribute to and someday lead.

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