Our Husky Compact

Our Husky Compact

Our Husky Compact at work

Engage as a Member of a Diverse and Multicultural World

This is what St. Cloud looks like
Students organize a rally on campus to proclaim solidarity in the wake of an attack in our community. “This is an example of what a strong community looks like.”  Read more.

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We are committed to education

Our Husky Compact is a bond shared by St. Cloud State and its students. It is a commitment we make to you and you make to your education that will prepare you to be a global citizen of the 21st Century.

As graduates of St. Cloud State, you will be prepared for a life of intellectual, professional and personal fulfillment with the skills to discover and apply new solutions to challenges and opportunities through risk-taking, innovation and imagination.

Lifelong growth and development along the dimensions of Our Husky Compact will prepare all members of the St. Cloud State community to reconsider the world around them.

When you graduate from St. Cloud State, you will...