St. Cloud State University Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Strategic goals describe how we will achieve our outcomes of advancing student success, building a sustainable university and deepening reciprocal partnerships. Objectives describe in greater detail the actions we will take to implement our strategic goals. The Strategic Action Plan framework will also serve as the template by which colleges, schools and divisions will align their work and make resource decisions

Strategic Goal 1: Engaged Students

  • Objective 1.A: Integrated Student Learning and Support: Provide seamless support for undergraduate and graduate students as they move through their St. Cloud State education and provide meaningful links between curricular and co-curricular experiences and advising.
  • Objective 1.B: Active and Applied Learning Experiences: Deliver active learning experiences to all students that puts classroom learning into practice.
  • Objective 1.C: Rigorous and Relevant Academic Programs: Grow and maintain portfolio of academic programs that balance relevance and the timeless value of a liberal arts education and are responsive to changing student, state and workforce needs across Minnesota, including applied graduate and professional education.
  • Objective 1.D: Our Husky Compact Delivered: Deliver a high-quality, integrated and engaged educational experience through partnerships between students, faculty, staff and the communities that will set St. Cloud State students apart and prepare them to be global citizens of the 21st Century.
  • Objective 1.E: Strategic Enrollment Management: Grow St. Cloud State University’s enrollment by responding more innovatively and quickly to the demands of students and employers and through the recruitment and support diverse student populations, transfer students, online students, veterans and adult learners.

Strategic Goal 2: Engaged Campus

  • Objective 2.A: Diverse, Multicultural, and Equitable Campus: Cultivate a growing multicultural and engaged campus that prepares our students and employees to live and work in a larger global community.
  • Objective 2.B: Employee Development and Well-being: Recruit, develop and retain a high-quality, diverse and engaged work force.
  • Objective 2.C: Technological and Operational Effectiveness: Improve operating effectiveness and student learning through process improvement, system collaboration, technological innovation and a focus on environmental sustainability.
  • Objective 2.D: Financial Sustainability: Develop and implement a financially sustainable business model and expand external funding and private support that allows the institution to elevate and advance people and programs with the tools and resources that transform the student experience.

Strategic Goal 3: Engaged Communities

  • Objective 3.A: Civic Action and Public Engagement: Preserve and build upon the strong bonds with our local and global communities, support the needs of our region and provide opportunities for students to put learning into practice through programmatic innovation, research, creative activity and community engagement.
  • Objective 3.B: Global and Cultural Engagement: Prepare our students to participate in a world community through a culturally inclusive and internationalized curriculum, education abroad opportunities and strong multicultural and international communities on campus.
  • Objective 3.C: Communications and Brand Management: Reposition our institution among prospective students and key constituents and boost internal and external support for the university through strategic communications efforts.