The "411" of Living in a Residence Hall

Use these resources to answer commonly asked questions and troubleshoot things that may come up during your time in your residence hall.

Cable TV

Extended-basic digital cable is provided in most of the main TV lounge areas and also in student rooms. View the channel listing (PDF) of more than 115 channels. Note: Huskies are responsible for their own coaxial cable cord.

Connecting your Television to cable TV
Once you connect your coaxial cable, use your remote to access on-screen menu programming. Exact details on how to auto-program or auto-tune digital TVs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from model to model.

These instructions are generalizations that are meant to describe the way most TVs accomplish this feature. For best results, refer to the owner’s manual for the specific TV you are working with. Some TVs can take up to 10 minutes to complete this function.

Using the TV's remote control, follow these general steps:

Step 1: Press the “Power” button to turn on the TV.
Step 2: Press the “Menu” Button. At this point you will look for Channel or Set-Up.
Step 3: Look for an option pertaining to the “Antenna” type. At this point you will be presented with either an Antenna or Cable option. Choose “Cable“.
Step 4: Next, look for “Auto Program/Auto Tune” then press “OK”.

If your cable TV has stopped working, request a cable TV repair here.

Housing Accommodations

Students seeking housing accommodations for disability-related needs need to have their health care provider or other licensed professional complete the Health Care for Student Requesting Housing Accommodation Form (PDF).

Submit the form to Student Accessibility Services (SAS). A staff member will contact the student to set up a meeting. Room options include:

  • Single room
  • ADA-accessible room

Emotional Support Animals

Have your licensed provider submit the ESA Form (PDF) to the Student Accessibility Services office. A staff member will contact the student to set up a meeting.


Husky Tech is our campus's technology service center and support issues or outages in Residence Halls.

Keys and Key-ins

Report lost keys and fobs to your residential community director. 

Replacement Key/Fob Fees (non-refundable once assigned)

Room key: $25
Main entrance key: $10
Mailbox key: $3
Stateview bedroom key: $10
Roommate room key: No fee

Locked out of a residence? Present identification and a staff member will open your room. A verbal/written warning is issued for the first instance. The student's account is billed $10 for the second instance. In all succeeding instances $25 will be billed to the student.

Laundry Facilities

At no additional cost, laundry facilities are provided in all residential communities. Report equipment problems to CSC Service Works, our provider, using the six-digit number on the washer or dryer.

The Laundry Alert monitoring service allows you to see if machines are in use and how much time is left.


Each room/suite/apartment has a key-operated mailbox. In accordance with postal service guidelines, mail may not be handed out at the main desk. When packages arrive, notices are sent to the resident via email. Pick-up your packages at the main desk with a picture ID, during posted hours.


Public Safety officers and residential community staff provide assistance 24 hours a day. Specific safety measures include:

  • Rooms equipped with peepholes
  • Security locks on common area bathrooms
  • Residential community entry doors locked at 7 p.m.
  • During the hours from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., residents must use card access entry, or entrance key/fob
  • Evening rounds by community advisers 
Moving Out

Students must completely clean their room before turning in keys. They must return rented furniture and appliances. Learn more about the steps for moving out.

Sick Meal Order Form

If you are not feeling well and want to get your meals to go, or have a friend pick your meals up, click on the link below and fill out a form.

Vending Machines

For your convenience, vending machines and ice machines accept cash and the Campus Card.

Report money lost in machines by filling-out a refund envelope at the main desk. Our third-party provider will put the refund in your mailbox.

Fix My Room

If you have a maintenance request for your room or residence hall such as light bulb replacement, smoke detector battery, plumbing, leaks, or power outages, request service through our online system.

Click on "Fix My Room"
Click on "Request Service" (red box)
Fill out the form and select "Submit" at the bottom of the page

Huskies sign in room

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