Department of Residential Life

Winter Break Info


Halls close 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 15.

Halls re-open 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 6.

  • Register by Monday, Dec. 11 to stay on campus during break

These halls will offer break housing: Stateview Apartments, Case-Hill Hall, Lawrence Hall, Mitchell Hall, Shoemaker Hall, Sherburne Hall and Coborn Plaza Apartments

**Sherburne Hall will be the only 24 hour desk open. Call (320) 308-3861 for lock outs for assistance. All other front desks will be closed during the break.

Garvey Commons closes 4 p.m. Dec. 15. It re-opens 5 p.m. Jan. 6.

St. Cloud Metro Bus Schedules

Routes 5, 8, 11 and 12 are unaffected. 

Routes 91, 92 and 93 do not run between semesters. They return to service Jan. 7. Exception:

  • Routes 91 and 92 are in service Dec. 15
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Doors and Security: The front doors and entryways will be locked 24 hours a day during break. You will need your ID (and where applicable) your entrance key to gain access to the building. All Stateview entrances will be locked during break also.

Department of Residential Life in the Ervin House is closed December 25 and January 1. Public Safety is open 24 hours a day during break, available at (320) 308 3333 for emergencies.

CA Staff: At any given time, there will be CA on duty in your building. If you have a problem or concern, call the Sherburne Reception Desk at (320) 308 3861 and they will contact the CA for you. This applies 7 p.m. Dec. 15 through 1 p.m. January, 6.

Policies: Policies remain the same over break. If staff members see violations of policy they will document the situation. If your guests are involved you will lose the privilege to host guests for the remainder of the break. Guests are permitted to visit on a short-term basis and must be registered for entry. Guests are prohibited from staying with you overnight.

Reception Desks: Desks will be closed in each hall, with the exception of Sherburne Hall, 7 p.m. Dec. 15 until 1 p.m. January. 6. The mail will be sorted and put into mailboxes throughout the breaks except for December 25th and January 1. Sherburne Hall will have a 24 hour desk operation at all times. You can reach the Reception Desk at (320) 308-3861.

Food: Garvey is not open over break. See the Atwood information posted or call (320) 308 3822 for specific venues and hours. The kitchens in your hall will be open during break. It is important to keep the kitchens clean. Do not leave food unattended when cooking. Double-check to make sure that all burners and ovens are off when you’re finished.

Cleanliness of Building: When you are using kitchens and lounges, be respectful and clean up after yourselves. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation! Have a safe and relaxing break.