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About our internship program

Through internships, students gain valuable experience and skills, develop a professional network, apply classroom learning to real-world situations, and define career interests. Over half of School of Public Affairs interns end up with an offer of employment or internship extension from their internship agency. 

Political Science and International Relations students may take 3-9 internship credits, however, only 3 will count toward degree requirements. The other 6 credits may count toward general University electives. 

Internship Coordinator: Dr. Linda Butenhoff
Email: ljbutenhoff@stcloudstate.edu

Note: MPA students will work with their faculty advisor to determine practicum requirements. 

Internship requirements

Interns will work in entry-level professional positions and, prior to starting, have a written learning agreement, outlining work assignments, with the site supervisor and internship director. An ideal internship includes orientation, assigned activities that let you use and develop research, analytical, writing, and public speaking skills. Assignments of varying levels of difficulty and opportunities for public and staff meetings to learn first-hand how decisions are made are ideal.

Students completing an internship need to be at least a junior (60+ credits). 


The Numbers

3 credits = 112 hours
6 credits = 224 hours
9 credits = 336 hours

Internship process

Past Political Science internship sites

Past Master in Public Administration (MPA) internship sites

Other information Please note

  • Students may accept compensation. However, it is not expected.
  • The Department offers limited scholarships to assist students serving an internship.
  • Grading is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. The final grade reflects the evaluations done by the site supervisor and internship director. 
  • Interns complete a written evaluation and an internship paper. The paper's focus is developed with the internship director based on the Internship Portfolio Requirements. You'll also be asked to do a course evaluation of the experience.
  • Students may accept compensation, however it is not expected.
  • The Department offers limited scholarships to assist students serving an internship.

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