Political Science

Political Science/International Relations

Politics in a democracy. Politics in different societies. Politics in the workplace.

We study politics wherever it happens in life.

Our students get practical training in political behavior and practices for careers in government, private institutions, nonprofits and international organizations. They examine politics at the micro level, nationally and internationally using a mix of scientific method and humanistic perspective.

Political science majors focus on the four major fields of the discipline: American government, comparative government, international relations and political theory.

International relations majors examine interactions in the international system and how they affect security, governance, conflict resolution, environmental sustainability and the global political economy.

This is where we shine

Global perspectives

How's your world view? We've got ways to expand it through Education Abroad opportunities.

Career path development

Government jobs aren't the only path for those who know politics and think politically.

SCSU Survey

We take the pulse of society on key political, community, education and business issues for government agencies, private organizations and businesses.

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