Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Student Opportunities


We have a variety of resources to help our students be successful in and out of the classroom.

We offer placement advice for students who need to register for an entry-level mathematics or statistics course, and we help students transfer their mathematics and statistics courses to SCSU.

In addition to the assistance given by our faculty to students at all levels, we offer course-specific tutoring to students enrolled in lower-level courses.  Our tutoring environment also allows students to interact with their peers.

Students can expand their learning experience by attending our colloquium series.  These talks can also help students envision career possibilities. 

Students have access to social and career development opportunities through involvement in student and professional organizations

Students looking for career advice should check out SCSU Career Center and consult with their advisor.

We offer students financial support through our extensive scholarship program and through employment as tutors and learning assistants. 

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