International Admissions

Change to F-1 Status


  • Valid non-immigrant status
  • Admittance to St. Cloud State University
  • SCSU-issued I-20

Not Eligible

  • Holders of C, D, K and M visas
  • Visitors with WT or WB status (Visa Waiver Program)
  • J-1 & J-2 non-immigrants with a 2-year home residency requirement
  • Non-immigrants who overstayed or violated their status
  • B-1/B-2 visitors are not permitted to enroll or attend classes until their F-1 status has been approved.
  • F-2 Dependents may not enroll in a degree program until their F-1 status has been approved.

Documentation and Procedures

Required Documents for filing Change of Status

After you have completed all of the required forms, an appointment with an advisor may be scheduled.

To schedule an appointment at the Center for International Studies, please call (320) 308-4287. We kindly request you come prepared to your appointment.