Department of Ethnic and Women's Studies

Faculty and Staff


Renee Bertram

Office Manager

(320) 308-4928 | 51 Building 227

Ethnic Studies

Robert Johnson

Ph.D. Washington University

320-308-3036 | 51 Building 203

Kyoko Kishimoto

Ph.D. Bowling Green State University

320-308-5627 | 51 Building 202

Jeanne Lacourt

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

320-308-1048 | 51 Building 204

Christopher Lehman

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

320-308-5127 | 51 Building 205

Luke Tripp

Ph.D. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

320-308-3913 | 51 Building 200

Women's Studies

Beth Berila

Ph.D. Syracuse University

(320) 308-3912 | 51 Building 204

Mumbi Mwangi

Ph.D. Iowa State University

(320) 308-3899 | 51 Building 209

Women's Studies Advisory Board Members

Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Catherine Fox

English Department

Research areas include feminist rhetorics, critical theory, and queer/lgbt studies.

Kate Gill

Philosophy Department

Teach Philosophy & Feminism, typically focusing on international human rights. Research interests include philosophical issues arising in the context of local history.

Betsy Glade

History Department

Phyllis Greenberg

Gerontology Department

Semya Hakim

Department of Human Relations

Carla Johnson

Philosophy Department

Marla Kanengieter-Wildeson

Communication Studies

Kyoko Kishimoto

Ethnic and Women's Studies Department

Bao Lee

Honors Program
College Counseling and Student Development Department

Christine Metzo

Assistant Director of First Year & Transition Programs

Maria Mikolchak

Department of Languages and Cultures
Department of English

Eddah Mutua-Kombo

Communication Studies

Jane Olsen

Director of The Women’s Center

Tracy Ore

Social Work Department
Sociology & Anthropology Department

Elizabeth Scheel-Keita

Sociology & Anthropology Department

Teach courses in gender and violence, sociology of the body, social deviance, social problems, community organizing, and criminology/delinquency

Tami Spry

Communication Studies

Darlene St. Clair

Director of Multicultural Resource Center

Research and teaching interests include American Indian arts and cultural expressions; American Indian education; oral ways of knowing and learning; the intersections of oppressions, particularly race and gender; and differing definitions and understandings of feminism in communities of color.

Tamrat Tademe

Department of Human Relations

Adrece Thighman-Nabe

Associate Director of Admissions

Angie Witte

Multicultural Student Services

Sandrine Zerbib

Sociology & Anthropology Department

Ongoing research focuses on issues of immigration, sexuality and citizenship.