Department of Ethnic, Gender and Women's Studies

Student Testimonials

A graduate who minored in Ethnic Studies, currently pursuing a master's degree

"Through my time as an undergraduate at St. Cloud State University, I completed a Minor in Ethnic Studies. The education I received in this field has proven to be invaluable, and has been looked upon very highly among employers and the selection committee of my master’s program. 

"In regard to my master’s program of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the minor in Ethnic Studies has provided me an edge over my fellow students. A major component of our field is using ethical practices when hiring, promoting, and evaluating employees job performance. Having a better understanding of different ethnicities has given me a better understanding of the benefit of a diverse workforce. Additionally, when studying adverse impact, I have been able to create documents of better quality, then that of my fellow classmates.

"In regard to my professional career, many organizations I have interviewed with find my minor in Ethnic Studies to be somewhat fascinating and often ask a number of questions about it. I have been told by some of the interviewers that this accreditation has set me apart from other candidates. I have found that when providing answers to some of the questions, the interviews are gaining a new perspective they have never thought of. My minor in Ethnic Studies has taught me, among many other things, is that people see the world differently, and that is a good thing. If we are all in agreement, that means someone isn’t thinking.

"I am excited to see how I can continue to utilize the knowledge I have gained through this minor, both in academics and my professional career."


A senior minoring in one of the Ethnic Studies programs, currently employed at a domestic violence shelter

"I also write for an online women's magazine called BAUCE Mag and we curate content aimed for multicultural women. My minor has really pushed me to try write more about topics that affect me. I really like journalism as well as TV production ..."

A Criminal Justice graduate who minored in one of the Ethnic Studies programs

"[The minor] really helped to round out my degree as I majored in criminal justice. With the current issues that our country is still facing this minor is so relevant. There is so much to learn from our history, which in return helps us to be better people of the future, and to understand the different aspects of the people around us especially in the work place. When looking for a career this minor taught me much more than what we learned in the classroom. It taught me to think critically, the discipline of reading multiple sources, and then having to put that in my own words and interpret the material."

An Asian Pacific American Studies Minor graduate, currently pursuing a master’s degree and working as an administrative fellow in graduate school

“Asian Pacific American (APA) Studies has made a profound impact on my personal, professional, and academic life. As a first-generation college student, APA studies has allowed me to reflect and understand my ethnic identity, as well as recognize my identity as part of the larger Asian Pacific American community. Professionally, APA studies has provided me opportunities to intern in Washington D.C., work in public schools, and teach in a foreign country. Academically, APA studies has also allowed me to better understand and express my experiences as a first-generation, low income, and student of color. This skill of understanding who I am, has allowed me to better connect with other students, peers, and theoretical frameworks. My experiences with APA studies and as an APA student drives me to further my education, as well as understand the importance of giving back to through mentor-ship, sharing stories, and keeping doors open for others behind me.”

A Women's Studies and Asian Pacific American Studies Minor graduate

“I currently work for [a program] supporting low-income and first generation students. ... My primary role is helping students with class registration, renewing their financial aid and connecting them with campus resources. Having a background in Women's Studies and Asian Pacific American studies has really helped me better support my students on campus. Because many of my students are low-income or first generation students of color, I'm able to see and understand their struggles in college through a different perspective. Because of my background with APA studies and as an APA myself, I am able to connect better with my students not just on a professional level but also a personal level.”