Department of Ethnic and Women's Studies

Mumbi Mwangi

Dr. Mumbi Mwangi received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in education from Kenyatta University, Kenya, and later obtained her Ph.D in education with a minor in Women's Studies from Iowa State University. Her scholarly and research interests include curriculum and pedagogy, international education, feminist methodology, qualitative methodology, women and education, international/transnational motherhood, and global issues affecting women, particularly, in the third world.

Currently, Dr. Mwangi is a faculty in the Women’s Studies Program at St Cloud State University. In addition to teaching, “Introduction to Women’s Studies” and “Women of Color” courses, she is also working towards completing writing two papers for publication from her dissertation entitled, "We will have gained ourselves: Narrative experiences of African women pursuing higher education in the U.S." Dr. Mwangi is passionate about initiating and establishing partnerships between universities in the U.S. and Africa. Recently, she helped develop an exchange program between Iowa State University and a university in Africa in the areas of Women's Studies and Education.