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Bring Huskies Home - Wash Your Hands | Wear a Mask | Social Distance

General Questions About Campus

Campus Safety

What are we doing to keep our campus community safe during the COVID pandemic?

The University has been working extremely hard to develop strategies to keep everyone safe.  We have also been working with state and local officials to develop protocols aimed at protecting each other.  The strongest line of defense we have to limit the spread of COVID-19 is following the personal safety guidelines:

  1. wear face coverings
  2. maintain physical distancing of 6 feet
  3. wash your hands regularly
  4. stay home if you are not feeling well

In addition, the University is exceeding cleaning protocols recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for high traffic areas.  View the campus cleaning plan.

What should I do if there are no face masks left at the distribution site?

Please contact the Public Safety Department at 320-308-3453.

What should a faculty member do if a student comes to class without a face mask?

The St. Cloud State University face coverings policy requires face covering for all people when inside university buildings and outside when physical distancing cannot be observed.  This includes students and faculty in classrooms.
  1. If a student arrives to class without a mask, the faculty member should politely explain that face coverings are required to protect the health of everyone.
  2. Remind them that it is university policy that everyone wear a mask or face shield when in a university building.
  3. Politely ask the student to put on a mask or face shield.
  4. If the student refuses to put on a mask or shield or does not have one, politely ask the student to leave the class to get a face mask. Face coverings can be purchased at the Husky Bookstore.
  5. If the student refuses to wear a mask because of a medical condition, they may work with Student Accessibility Services at to discuss alternative options such as a face shield, or remote course options, etc. 
If a student refuses to wear a face covering in class and refuses to leave the class, the faculty member should contact public safety for assistance.  It is important to remember to be polite and not escalate the interaction by arguing with the individual.  Continue to polity remind the student that the policy is meant to help protect the health of everyone until public safety arrives to assist.

Does the University require everyone to complete a COVID screening tool before coming to campus? How often must the screening tool be completed?

Each day you physically come to campus, prior to your arrival, you will be required to complete a self-administered assessment via a secure website. This includes faculty, staff, students, guests/visitors and vendors. Once the assessment is complete, and you are cleared to come to campus, you will receive an email indicating permission has been granted.  If you are not cleared to come to campus, you will receive recommended next steps.

Campus Cleaning Protocols

How are we adapting and cleaning shared spaces where people are together for prolonged periods?

We have developed an aggressive cleaning plan for the institution.  Details of the plan can be found here.  Additional safety protocols were added which included increased cleaning in high traffic areas, installing plexiglass barriers, removing or marking off furniture and rotating workforce that are not able to configure their space to allow for physical distancing.

Can facilities post cleaning logs to confirm spaces are cleaned according to the cleaning plan?

Facilities Management has developed a quick view chart that will be posted in high traffic areas such as restrooms.  For a comprehensive overview, a cleaning plan is also available.

Do I need to bring my own cleaning supplies to clean my office/work station?

SCSU employees will not be required to bring their own cleaning materials.  Each office should have received their cleaning kit which consists of hand sanitizer and some form of cleaning mechanism (wipes, spray bottle, dry cloth, etc.).  Please contact Facilities Management at if your office needs any cleaning materials replenished.

What is SCSU doing to create enhanced air quality and circulation in our buildings?

MDH recommends institutes of higher education follow the guidelines published by ASHRAE. SCSU reviewed ASHRAE’s guidance and we have taken steps to ensure high air quality.  Accordingly, the air HVAC filters in each building on campus have been upgraded to the highest filtration possible for each specific building.  In addition, each HVAC system has set to maximize the circulation in each building. For more information, a cleaning plan is also available.

Campus Communication

Will we continue to have Town Hall meetings?

Town Hall meetings will continue as new information becomes available.  Town Hall meeting announcements will be communicated through campus email. 


May we have more time to ask questions at the end of the Town Hall meetings?

We are trying to find the right mix between sharing new/updated information with allowing time for questions.  A few of our meetings we ran out of time before we were able to answer all the questions.  In most meetings, we have been able answer most of them.  We will continue to monitor this balance and adjust when needed.

Other (General Information)

How might I secure the technology I need to work remotely?

Technology equipment, including laptops and accessories, are available for checkout or department purchase through HuskyTech. We encourage you to reach out to your technician or HuskyTech to discuss your needs, and review with your supervisor/department for purchase as needed.


Am I able to get reimbursed for technology I purchase to use while working remotely?

ITS recommends working with your technician or contacting HuskyTech to identify potential existing University-hosted solutions that may work for your remote technical needs. If you are seeking reimbursement for remote work technology, please contact your supervisor and Human Resources

What is the procedure for requesting services and support?

Counseling and Psychological Services
Students can call or make an appointment via the website. Face-to-face and telecare appointments are available. Telephone: (320) 308-3171.
Location: Eastman Hall 305.
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Evenings and Weekends: Call the crisis line at (320) 253-5555 or (800) 635-8008.

Student[s] in crisis. As the fall semester begins, Sarah Meisinger, is serving as a case manager. Office: (320) 308-3171

Medical Clinic

Students can call or make an appointment via the website rather than just coming in to the office. Face-to-face and telecare appointments are available.
Telephone: (320) 308-3191

Students Reporting Diagnosis or Exposure. Each student must call the Medical Clinic.
Telephone: (320) 308-3191

Student Life and Development

Students, faculty and staff may contact Student Life and Development for information and/or assistance with student-related issues. Please call or email with your questions. 

Telephone: (320) 308-3111

Ask your questions about St. Cloud State’s efforts to offer academic courses and campus operations by calling our COVID-19 hotline at 320-308-1588. The line is available 24/7. 



Preparing to return to campus

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    As we prepare to transition back to on-campus learning, we want to know what obstacles may be keeping you from participating in your courses and staying on track. 

    We want to know.

  • COVID-19 information

    St. Cloud State University, in coordination with state and local health departments, is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. 
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