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Husky Health Check

We ask that prior to coming to campus that employees continue to be mindful of personal health and safety practices. Every employee should build the Husky Health Check into daily routines. This is an overall self-evaluation of a person's current health. Take a look at our What to Do scenarios from Human Resources for more. 

The Husky Health Check will help individuals identify if they are experiencing the following:

  • A fever (100.4 degrees or higher), or a sense of having a fever or feeling feverish (Chills or sweating).
  • A new cough.
  • A new shortness of breath.
  • A new sore throat.
  • Muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another medical condition or is not caused by a specific activity such as physical exercise.
  • A new headache.
  • New loss of smell or taste.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea.
  • New onset of nasal congestion or runny nose, not associated with allergies.
  • If under evaluation for COVID-19 due to exposure or contact with someone with COVID-19 and/or experiencing symptoms (e.g. waiting for results of a viral test to confirm infection).
  • If diagnosed with COVID-19 and not yet cleared to continue isolation.

Please stay home if you are feeling ill. Reduce your risk of catching or spreading illness, stay home if you feel sick and take care of yourself, even if your symptoms are mild.  Avoid coming to  campus and public transportation.   

If you have additional questions, or need additional information, check with the  Department of Human Resources.


Student Worker COVID-19 Testing Procedure

Student workers who are required to test will receive an email from HR, instructing them to register for testing, with a website address & QR code to bring to them to the registration site. This email will also have the testing calendar advising student workers when they need to test.

  • HR recognizes that student workers are part-time, and will be flexible with rescheduling assigned testing days if needed.   
  • If a student worker is assigned to test on a day that they are not normally scheduled to work, have them email and request to be assigned a different testing schedule. 
  • Student workers will need to email HR to request a different testing rotation, however, as HR will not know to change them otherwise, and the system will see them as being out of compliance if they don’t submit proof of testing by their original due date.   
  • Student workers will be required to make a testing appointment during their normal work hours. 
  • Student workers must make an appointment for testing, and cannot just drop in for testing.  Those who do not make an appointment will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  • Student workers will be required to report to the Husky Hub 5 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to check in with Spartan staff.  
  • Spartan uses a health check app. Student workers who are required to test must complete this health check app on the day they test, and then show the results of that app to the Spartan staff at the Husky Hub. 
  • Student workers who do not complete the health check will not be allowed to test.  They will then be out of compliance with the state policy.   
  • For any part-time student worker who has another job, and is required to test weekly at their other job, SCSU will accept those weekly test results in lieu of one weekly to test at SCSU. 
  • If, based on their schedule, those student workers are required to test twice a week, they will need to submit one weekly test result from their other employer, and one from SCSU testing. 
  • Those student workers will still need to submit proof of testing, and their test results, weekly through the VaxTrak software.  If they fail to do this, they will be out of compliance. 
  • Student workers who test at the Husky Hub will receive their test results by email or text within about 15-20 minutes of leaving the testing center.   
  • Student workers who test at the Hub must upload a screenshot of their test results into the VaxTrak software.  Employees who fail to do this will be out of compliance with the state policy.   
  • If a student worker is notified that they have tested positive, they should immediately leave the workplace.   
  • Student workers will receive emailed instructions with positive results, giving instructions to call MDH to begin the contact tracing process.  These instructions will also tell them to contact the Medical Clinic. 
  • The Medical Clinic will give additional instructions, advising when they can end isolation and return to the workplace.   
  • HR will notify any secondary supervisor(s) of a student worker testing positive that the student worker is not cleared to be on campus.   
  • Any student worker testing positive for COVID will be exempt from testing for 90 days following the positive test.   
  • This is due to the likelihood that people will continue to have positive test results for that timeframe after an infection.   
  • During this 90 day timeframe, the student worker will still be in the VaxTrak system, and HR will assign them a testing date 90 days from the positive test result date.   
  • These student workers can still work during this 90-day timeframe, once the clinic has cleared them to return from isolation.   
  • Student workers subject to testing will continue to test as long as the policy is in effect, or until they choose to attest to being fully vaccinated, and can provide acceptable proof of full vaccination to HR. 
  • Student workers who are out of work on days on which they are scheduled to test will be required to contact HR to make approved arrangements to test on alternate days that week.  
  • Student workers who do not contact HR and have approved arrangements to test on alternate days that week will be considered out of compliance with the testing policy, and may also be subject to other discipline. 
  • If a student worker calls in sick for days that that they are scheduled to test, the supervisor should contact HR, and the student worker will be switched to a different day for that week.   
  • If HR determines that a student worker is out of compliance with the attestation/testing process, HR will notify the student worker’s supervisor of the student worker’s non-compliance. 
  • HR will provide the student worker’s supervisor with an advisory statement to give to the student worker, and a verbal summary to read. 
  • The student worker’s supervisor will issue the advisory statement and a Corrective Action Notice to the student worker.  HR will provide the supervisor with a template Corrective Action Notice, which gives the student worker 5 business days to comply with the policy.   
  • Unless the student worker agrees in the meeting to immediately comply with the policy, the supervisor must direct the student worker to leave work on unpaid leave for the 5 business days that they have to comply with the policy. 
  • During this unpaid leave, if the student worker decides to comply with the policy, they must report to the Husky Hub for testing (on unpaid time), complete a test, and then submit test results into the VaxTrak software. 
  • HR will review these test results.  Once HR approves the student worker to return to work, HR will notify the supervisor of this.  Only then can the student worker return to work and be paid again. 
  • The supervisor will submit a copy of the Corrective Action Notice to HR, Financial Aid, and the student. 
  • HR will notify the supervisor 5 business days later if the student worker has complied or not. 
  • If the student worker has not complied, HR will notify the supervisor and the Interim AVP of Safety & Risk Management of the continued non-compliance.    
  • The AVP will schedule a meeting with the supervisor and the student. 
  • The student will be given a chance to share their reasons for not complying with the policy. 
  • If the AVP determines that there are extenuating circumstances that warrant an extension, they will give the student a final deadline to comply by. 
  • If the AVP determines that there are not circumstances warranting an extension, they will advise the student that if the student does not immediately agree to comply with the policy, their student employment will be terminated.   
  • If the student worker does not agree to comply, the AVP will advise the student worker that their student employment is terminated, effective immediately.  
  • The supervisor will issue the student worker a Corrective Action Notice of termination.  HR will provide the supervisor with a template notice.
  • This template notice will provide the student worker with instructions on appealing the termination, should they wish to do so.   



This information is subject to change in response to the evolving conditions of COVID-19.


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