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Summer 2019 Graduate Student Writer's Retreat

Graduate Student Writer's Retreat

Next Event TBD 

Are you struggling to find time to write your thesis or dissertation?

Attend the retreat to get:

  • Dedicated writing time - no more excuses or distractions
  • Resources to overcome writing challenges and obstacles
  • Access to writing, library, and statistics experts
  • Ideas to utilize after the writer's retreat

Consultants available:

  • Library
  • Statistics
  • Formatting
  • Faculty


Registration deadline is TBD.

  • $125, including food and snacks
  • $25 refund for full-retreat participation

What Our Past Students Share About Retreat

"Absolutely attend!"

"The last two writing retreats have allowed me to make more progress on my dissertation than months of working at my own pace".

"Take advantage of the Writer's Retreat! It made a difference for me and helped me to turn the corner in my momentum".

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