Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE)

Welcome to the ACE Program at St. Cloud State University


Congratulations on being admitted to St. Cloud State University as a student in the Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE) Program. The ACE Program is an admissions-based first year experience.  As part of the transition into university life, students in the ACE Program benefit from a team of committed faculty and staff who care about their personal & academic success. Your participation will help to facilitate your success with university level work by offering significant one-on-one advising and support and by providing opportunities to practice strategies that will serve you throughout your university experience. You will join other first-year students in taking academic coursework in an environment that promotes individual development and collaborative opportunities for success.  Courses in the ACE Program count toward your degree requirements.


The ACE Program provides:

  • An identifiable support network, including ACE advisors, professional advisors & peer mentors
  • An experienced Peer Mentor, offering support adjusting academically & socially to college
  • A personable learning atmosphere & closer contact with dedicated faculty through limited class sizes
  • An engaged learning community with paired classes and easy access to support services

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to common questions about the ACE program.

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