Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE)

Academic Program

A  cornerstone of the ACE program is your enrollment in courses specific to your  admission. All ACE students will enroll in the following courses their first semester at SCSU:

  • COLL  150: Discovering the College Experience (2 credits)
  • COLL  110: Reading/Study Strategies (2 credits)

The  COLL 150 and 110 course credits apply for a total of four SCSU elective credits. These credits will work towards your overall degree at SCSU and do count towards your semester total for financial aid and full-time enrollment status. For detailed information on the COLL courses,  explore the Undergraduate Catalog.

In  addition to your COLL courses, students will enroll in additional coursework through the Liberal Education Program, pre-major/minor courses and/or developmental coursework as determined by placement testing and ACT scores.


All first year SCSU students are assigned to a professional adviser in Advising & Student Transitions. Students who have expressed an interest in a major within the Herberger Business School will be assigned to the Business Advising Center.

To learn more about course selection and advising at SCSU, please visit Advising & Student Transitions.

Who is my Adviser?

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ACE  Learning Community Option:

The Department of Academic Support office offers a variety of Learning Communities designed to support new students in making vital connections and a successful transition to university life. For Fall 2018, we are offering our popular literature community specifically for ACE students, which focuses on using young adult literature to understand the transition to college and adulthood. Students with a particular interest in reading should consider this option!

Some students in our program will need to complete developmental courses in Math and/or English, which can be taken during your first year at SCSU, including:

  • Math Skills Center  - MATH 070 Basic Math Concepts and MATH 072 Intermediate Algebra
  • ENGL 190 Introduction to Analytical & Rhetorical Writing, with supplemental  tutor support
  • COLL 120 Power Reading