Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE)

Support Services

The primary mission of First Year Experience at St. Cloud State, including ACE, is to help  facilitate student success through a wide range of academic support services  within the University College and beyond.

ACE Program Office

We encourage ACE students to meet with our staff as often as they feel necessary. Some ACE students will set regular (weekly, biweekly) appointments with us, while others may stop in only a couple of times each semester. Know that we're here to support you and look forward to working with you throughout your first year at St. Cloud State.

ACE staff can also assist new students in securing assistance from Student Accessibility Services, Multicultural Student Services, Counseling and Psychological Services and the multitude of services available to all St. Cloud State students.

Interested in making an appointment with us? Give us a call at (320) 308-2931.

Academic Learning Center

Faculty teaching COLL 110 administer the Academic Learning Center, which provides various opportunities for individualized support with learning, study and test-taking strategies. Graduate assistants provide individual appointments for general support, and peer tutors in the Tutoring Center provide support for specific courses.

To learn more, please visit the Academic Learning Center webpage:


All first year St. Cloud State students are assigned to a professional adviser in Advising & Student Transitions. Students who have expressed an interest in a major within the Herberger Business School will be assigned to the Business Advising Center.

To learn more about course selection and advising at St. Cloud State, please visit Advising & Student Transitions.

Math Skills Center

About half of all ACE students are also enrolled in MATH 070 or 072. The Math Skills Center provides small class sizes and tutoring for these courses to support student success in moving toward college-level math courses.  

To learn more, please visit the Math Skills Center webpage: