Academic Collegiate Excellence (ACE)

Admission to ACE

Students admitted to St. Cloud State through the ACE program will have access to academic and  social support through their transition into University life.

To indicate your interest in pursuing admission to St. Cloud State through the ACE program, we ask that you complete the online application. 

The online application will ask you to respond to the following questions. You may type up your answers in a Word document and copy/paste them into the online system if you prefer. We encourage students to take time to think about the questions, reflect upon their responses and put together a thorough submission for the committee which answers each of the four questions. Information that specifically addresses your high school academic career (success, challenges) is appreciated as allows us to better understand how you may fit into the St. Cloud State academic community of learners.

  • Describe your short and long term goals and how St. Cloud State University can help you accomplish them.
  • Describe a challenge you have faced, or a situation which you found to be particularly difficult. How did you react and what did you learn from the experience? Were you or others treated unfairly? Were you able to turn to others for support?
  • Think about groups you are or have been involved with throughout your life (not just high school). What is or was your role in that community? Talk about your leadership style (in this community or elsewhere) and give an example of your leadership in practice.

  • Please describe the activities you have been involved with outside of your high school classes. What about those activities makes you a strong candidate for admission to St. Cloud State University? What kind of knowledge and skills have you developed by participating in these activities? Please focus on activities during your time in grades 9 - 12.

Our staff will review your responses and make a final admission decision. Your responses to these questions will be a major factor in our admission decision. Students  admitted to ACE will receive an official acceptance letter from the University.  Students will be notified via mail about their admission decision within approximately 3 weeks of completing the ACE questionnaire.

Please note that information shared in these statements that identifies neglect, physical or sexual abuse must be reported through the SCSU Equity & Access Officer, ADA Coordinator, and Title IX Compliance Coordinator to ensure the student's safety.

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to common questions about ACE. Personal questions about why you were referred to the ACE admission process can be directed to the Office of Admissions at (320) 308-2244. Specific questions about the committee decision and the ACE program in general can be directed to (320) 308-2931.


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