Graduate Admissions

Financing Your Education

St. Cloud State University is the place to pursue an affordable, global, graduate education.

  • Minnesota residents pay $368.66 per graduate credit for tuition for on-campus master level courses (with the exception of the MBA program). Online courses, courses offered at other locations, doctoral level courses, and market-based tuition courses have differing rates. Follow the tuition link at the right for full breakdown of tuition rates.
  • Student fees are $37.74 per credit up to 12 credits, and $9.43 per additional credit after 12. A flat fee of $63.96 is charged per semester for health services. 
  • Most full-time students enroll in eight to 12 graduate credits each semester.
  • Tuition and fees for twelve credits per semester total $4,940.76. (Totals for non-resident, off campus, online, MBA, MedTech, and doctoral courses will be different.)
Reciprocal tuition agreements apply for students from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Manitoba. Residents of those states and provinces are eligible to pay home-resident tuition rates when attending St. Cloud State University. To be eligible, students must complete a reciprocity application, approved by their home state or province, prior to registration.