School of Public Affairs

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Summer Offerings

Catch up or get ahead on your degree with one of our summer courses. Our flexible online courses allow you to maintain other summer activities while making progress towards degree completion. Expand your horizons with one of our LEP courses to fulfil St. Cloud State goal area requirements. 

Criminal Justice Studies

Department of Criminal Justice

Study wherever you are! Criminal Justice is offering all summer courses online. One online section of CJS 111 Crime and Justice in America is being offered, which fulfill St. Cloud State’s goal area 5/diversity course. Criminal Justice is also offering many required courses for majors and minors. 


Department of Economics

Fulfill Goal Area 5 online! Economics is offering online sections of ECON 205 Principles of Macroeconomics and ECON 206 Principles of Microeconomics, both meeting the requirement of goal area 5. Majors and graduate students can also continue to delve into their studies with ECON 471 Money and Banking and ECON 542 Law and Economics. 

Geography and Planning

Department of Geography and Planning

Discover and explore your world! Geography and Planning offers a wide range of summer short term education abroad opportunities and online courses. 

  • GEOG 111 (online goal area 8 and diversity course)
  • GEOG 272 Physical Geography (online goal area 3)
  • GEOG 320 The Geography of Wine
  • CMTY 222 Diversity in the American Experience (online goal areas 5, 7, and diversity course)
  • HTSM 215 Geography of Tourism (online goal area 8)

Many other major courses and opportunities are available:

Political Science

Department of Political Science

Understanding needs of busy students, Political Science is offering the following self-paced online courses:

  • POL 101 Political Ideas and Institutions (online goal 8)
  • POL 111 American National Government (online goal areas 5, 9)
  • POL 191 Introduction to Political and Legal Reasoning (online goal 2)

Political Science is also offering International Relations major courses/electives. 

The Master of Public Administration Program is also offering MPA 600 Foundations of Public Administration & Public Service. 

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students may learn on the Student Registration & Financial Services website