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School of Public Affairs

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The School of Public Affairs prepares students to become contributing members of their local, regional, national and global communities through instruction, research and community outreach.

We approach public policy using a wider lens than other universities. In addition to the political science-based interpretation of public policy, we integrate other disciplines and fields that directly contribute to the management of the public interest.

We are able to adopt this approach because of our excellent faculty. Our professors have distinguished track records and share the common goal of producing graduates who go on to have successful careers in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Highlights and Opportunities

June 2022 Quarterly Business Report

King Banaian will discuss the current and forcasted condition of the local economy. In person and virtual options available. 

8-9 a.m. Thursday, June 22
St. Cloud City Hall

Video: School of Public Affairs blends innovative ideas and practical training

We were featured in a March 13 Star Tribune advertorial where our Criminal Justice Studies program was showcased for its work in preparing well-rounded and well-grounded professionals. 

Pop-up Seminar: Ukraine vs Russia

The School of Public Affairs held its first pop-up seminar of 2022: “Ukraine vs Russia” where faculty with close ties to that region of the world hosted a 1-hour webinar to discuss the latest headlines, implications, and what it means to people living near the border.

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