Student Accessibility Services

Faculty and Staff

Syllabus Statement

Sample paragraph to include in your Syllabus:

An affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator. St. Cloud State University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and education opportunity and works to provide reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. Accommodations are provided on an individualized, as-needed basis, determined through appropriate documentation of need. Please contact Student Accessibility Services or 320-308-4080, office CH202 to meet and discuss reasonable and appropriate accommodations for your plan. The accommodations authorized in your plan should be discussed with your instructor. All discussions will remain confidential. This syllabus is available in alternate formats upon request.

Accommodation Process

  • Student Accessibility Services is State Cloud State’s program to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. The goal of the program is to offer students with documented disabilities equal access to SCSU courses, programs, and events through a collaborative process to provide appropriate and reasonable accommodations. 
  • Before the start of each semester, Disability Faculty Notifications will be emailed to you to inform you of any students who have a documented disability who are in your courses and have disclosed this and been approved through our office.  Please read over the attached documents as these will be helpful for you in better understanding their accommodations.  As always, this is an interactive process so we welcome any questions or concerns you may have.  Below are some commonly used forms and handouts you will see:

Captioning Videos

You may receive a notification from SAS that there is a qualified student with a disability (Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Learning Disability, etc) registered for your course who has an accommodation need to have all videos shown for the class closed captioned.  Please look at all your videos to be sure they are captioned. If not, check whether or not the publisher/content owner has a captioned version available, connect with SCSU's Collection Management Librarian, Rachel Wexelbaum, to find alternative media if needed or submit a request for captioning the media.

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