Student Accessibility Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are accommodations?

Who is eligible for accommodations?

Who determines the accommodations for a student with a disability?

What can I do to support students with disabilities?

Do students have to go to Student Accessibility Services for accommodations?

Am I obligated to provide testing accommodations inside my classroom?

Will exams always coincide with the schedule provided in the syllabus?

How does the SAS office keep academic exams secure?

If a student discloses a disability after failing an exam or assignment, what should I do?

What is my responsibility if SAS provided me with an accommodation letter but the student chooses not to use any accommodations in my class?

What if one of my students has accommodations that I believe will alter the fundamentals of my course?

Do I have any recourse if I disagree with the approved accommodations?

Does granting accommodations to one student provide an unfair advantage over the other students in that class?

If a student verbally informs me about their disability, am I automatically required to provide accommodations?

Are students required to identify their disability or provide copies of disability documentation to faculty and staff?

Why doesn't the accommodation letter from Student Accessibility Services include the nature of the student's disability?

Am I required to lower the standards of a required assignment because a student has a disability?

Is a faculty member able to deny a student with a disability to audio record their lectures?

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